Some Mass Effect 3 players have been in an uproar for a while now about the game’s ending.  You can read more about it here, but the argument, nutshell style, is this: Why does a game that bills itself on choice have such a complete lack of choice at the end?  A significant number of this disgruntled audience started a child’s play campaign hoping to get the creators’ attention. Defenders of Bioware, the game’s publisher, generally claim the ending is what the writers’ intended and the game would cease to exist as true art if the child’s play campaign initiates some sort of change to the ending in the form of a downloadable add on.

I get both sides of this argument, but if a change does take place, it certainly wouldn’t be the first time art has been changed to please an audience.  Movies have test audiences.  Television shows add or take away characters to meet the needs of actors, producers, or because the audience just doesn’t seem to be digging it for whatever reason.  That doesn’t mean that everyone artistically involved in works such as Good Expectations, Two and a Half Men, Transformers 3 (yes, I said it), and ME3 don’t continue to produce art.  They just produce another kind.