(Originally posted on December 22nd, 2010) I found Tron Legacy to be a lot of fun, in a leave your brain at the door kinda way.  The movie definitely gets an A in the spectacle category.  The visuals are nothing short of spectacular, the characters were fun and engaging, and even the sound had old school arcade nods that managed to give an especially modernized flick a quaint flare.  

That being said, the director bit off more than he could chew with CGI Jeff Bridges.  The rubber-mask looking Clu had such a limited range of facial motion that it kept bringing me out of the movie.  I just couldn’t help but think how horrible it looks.  On the other hand, the animators did manage to get rid of that annoying lower lip thing that Bridges does when he talks, so there was less of a distraction there.
The movie acknowledges some of the more interesting aspects of entering the grid, such as ending famine, changing religion, and possibly doing away with death all together.  But I really would’ve dug exploring those ideas instead of merely identifying them.  How cool would it have been to hear a bunch of people replacing “amen” with “end of line”?