I’m planning on attending my first Liberty Con this month.  While I was taking a gander at the flyer, I noticed there was a section on weapons stating the following: “LibertyCon believes that fans are mature and responsible people. Therefore, weapons are permitted, but they must be peace bonded at all times.”

Although I felt I could take a fairly educated guess regarding the meaning of  “peace bonded,” curiosity got the better of me.  I googled the definition, and this is what I found on a DragonCon wiki:

A peace bond is a very visible lock or tie on a realistic looking weapon to make clear to security and to police that it is not intended to be used for violent purposes.

Costuming frequently comes in the form of characters with weapons, and in many cases, these weapons look quite real. Convention security prefers that these items be peace bonded. The peace bond will usually come in the form of a zip tie over the trigger such that it couldn’t be pulled, or holding a bladed weapon in the sheath.

I simply cannot wait to go to a convention that lives by laws similar to those of the Old West.