I’m looking forward to getting my geek on at LibertyCon this weekend.  Things start happening for me tonight and then last until Sunday.  Here  is my itinerary:

Friday: 6:00 Writing a Series: Keeping a Reader Hooked (Gallery A & B)

Saturday: 10:00 Self Promotion: Increasing Discoverability Through Marketing Technology (Gallery A & B); 12:00 Military, Politics and Justice in the Future (Gallery A & B); 1:00 Self Publishing as a Viable Career Option (Town Hall); 3:00 Copyright and Piracy Legislation (Finley Room); 4:00 Has Everything Been Written?  The Seven Plots (Finley Room); 6:00 Proofreading & Copy Editing Seminar for Self Publishing (Gallery D)

Sunday: 11:00 Benefits and Problems of E-Publishing (Gallery D); 12:00 Tech Tools for Writers (Town Hall)