Flying cars, Kung-Fu Kate Beckinsale, and robots … if that isn’t enough to convince you to see this movie, the rest of this spoiler-free review won’t either—but seriously—stop reading and go see it.

Right now.

I mean it.

Now that you’ve either seen it or are hell bent on ignoring me, let me just start with this: This film won’t get your ass to Mars, but it will get you to fun time.  Even with the surprising subtraction of the red planet, the movie still works and works pretty freaking well.  The spectacle, great performances by Kate Beckinsale and Colin Farrell, and tight script make Len Wiseman’s Total Recall redux worth any geek’s hard-earned cash.  The character moments and themes are certainly less subtle than they were in the original, but they still stay true to their respective concepts. Furthermore, the high number of action sequences don’t allow for many quite character moments, but each one of these sequences does further the plot; Wiseman avoids merely giving us meaningless action purely for action’s sake.

The movie incorporates more dialogue from Philip K. Dick and—even though the film clearly establishes itself as being unique—it still manages to give Paul Verhoeven seamlessly respectful nods.

The only problems I had were minimal, and I can’t discuss them without ruining the plot.  However, they were easy to get past, and I envy any geek that hasn’t seen it yet.

Now, seriously … get your ass to the theater …