I’m finally getting around to posting the pics from Comic Expo a few weeks ago.  This was a fun convention, with a lot of indie talent that I was delighted to meet.  And, of course, it had gobs of friendly people dressed up as characters from all four corners of geekdom …

ImageBest Marvel Team-Up ever.


Doesn’t need Mario to rescue her this week.

ImageA Dr. Fate that snapped to this pose with impressive speed and precision.


An ironically adorable Freddy.

ImageI asked her if I could take her picture.  To which she appropriately replied, “Shoe’a!”

ImageHad no idea what this one was.  But I knew I had to include it.

ImageI’d been writing Ms. Mystick so much, that I totally–and embarrassingly–blanked on Z’s name that day.


Wished I’d thought to ask her what she thought about Into Darkness.


And the awesome costume that firmly ensconced Huey Lewis and the News in my head for the rest of the day.

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