A person asked me today what motivates me to write.

Peter David once said–and I may be paraphrasing here–that “a writer cannot ‘not’ write. The compulsion is too strong.”  That quote has been a go-to for years.  But today, I stumbled over it, thinking about what this person was about to go through.  And how I once went through something very similar.  I didn’t really have anyone that I felt I could talk to about it–at least not anyone that would understand completely.   Writing then became, at least on a subconscious level, a way of coping.  What happened next wasn’t surprising at the time, but it is surprising in hindsight.

I kept bottling things up.

I wouldn’t talk about anything that was bothering me unless it directly affected another person.  Then–once I reached a sort of boiling point–I wrote about it, put the ideas scrambling though my brain in the mouth of a character or two.

I’m not sure if it was healthy.  I’m not sure if my life would have gone a different way had I voiced my opinions instead of fictionalizing them.

But I am sure it motivated me.


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