And so continues the commentary for the Spidey Omnibus by Roger Stern.  Today, it’s Amazing # 206.


Pg 1: Opens with a delusional JJ Jameson being tormented by little imaginary Spider-Men floating around his head.  Nice touch to setup what follows.

Pg 2: Villain of the month, Jonas Harrow, outlines his plan to “DRIVE MEN MAD” with an invention he calls the Variator Ray.  Variator … kinda sounds like a Transformer.

Pg 3-4: A lot–and I mean A LOT of text–to give readers a heads up on the story so far.

Pg: 6: Harrow turns his V ray on Dr. Madison and Robbie.  Dr. Madison–while waving a letter opener in the air–actually tells Robbie, “KEEP AWAY FROM ME, OR I’ll CUT YOU!”–hilarious.

The rest of this issue was really pretty “meh.”  Spidey saves JJJ, JJJ blames Spidey for something he didn’t do, and so on.  I guess if the villain had been more of a one note guy, the story would have been more interesting.  Or, at the very least, I would have heard of him before now.

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