Finally getting back to the Roger Stern Omnibus commentary.  This time, I dive into PPSS 54: “To Save the Smuggler”

Page 1: A shootout on the street causes Spidey to make a passing reference to Police Surgeon (a TV show way before my time … I had to look it up to see what it was).

Page 2: Spidey rips one of those annoying temporary steel plate things from the road … something I wanna do every time I drive over one of the damn things.

Page 3: A bad guy says, “Why don’t we just ice him now?”  I wish bad guys still talked like that.  It would be awesome.

Page 4: A bystander that’s a little too close to gunfire says, “Oh, my golly.” I’m glad people no longer talk like that.

Page 9: A reference to what’s going on currently in Amazing Spidey.  It’d be cool to see stuff like that again.

Page 13:  Spidey takes the time to web a guy’s mouth to keep him from talking.  Turns out later the guy is a mute.  An awesome gag by Stern.

Page 14: Spidey turns a guy’s head to a 90 degree angle when he punches him.  How he’s still alive, I’ll never know.

Last page: Just when it looks like the story will end with the usual bad Parker luck, Spidey turns the situation around.  A neat way to turn the formula on its ear.

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