It’s taking me way longer to go through this thing than I thought.  But here we go with PPSS # 58.

Page 3: A cop on a guard duty says, “A lot of mugs would like to get their hands on what we’re nurse maidin’.” I don’t know if I can use “nurse maidin’ in a similar context tomorrow.  But I’m damn sure gonna try.

Page 5: Intro for the Ringer–a villain that turns city pollution into physical rings that he can attack/trap people with.  I’ve never heard of this guy–very interesting.  It may be cooler to turn him into a hero someday.  Can you imagine? A hero’s powers that only work with pollution?  The ups and downs of that story write itself.

Page 10: Spider-Man laughs after hearing the Ringer’s name (apparently he doesn’t think the villain is as cool as I do).

Last page: Peter gets to have another happy ending for a change.  A fun read, probably the best in the omnibus so far.

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