If someone had told me, back when The Lord of the Rings flicks came out, that Jackson would later make a Hobbit movie … I would have said, “awesome.”  If somebody told me he was going to split it into three films, I would have said, “huh?”  If somebody told me I wouldn’t even be able to sit through the last film, I would have said, “no way–that’s crazy.”
Well, last night things got crazy.
I only watched half of Battle of the Five Armies.  It was just so … bland.  I really only cared about the Bibo and Gandalf stuff.  As for the other forty-two characters, or whatever, I found myself just mentally checking out.  It really surprised me that I could have gone from caring so much about a world to caring so little–especially since it was from the same director.  The only thing I know to compare it to is the Star Wars prequels.
At least there weren’t any midichlorians.

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