Warning–spoilers … kind of.

The trailer for this flick caught my attention sometime back for a couple of reasons: it seemed like a quiet zombie movie, and it seemed like a quiet Arnold movie.  Turns out, this was one of those rare times when the trailer did the movie justice, so … awesome.

It also had tons of heart.  And it was interesting to see the stages of becoming a zombie sort of spill out as a metaphor for being a teenager.  But the ending … oh my, how the ending was lacking.

The movie spends about half its time with Maggie and the other half with Arnold.  And we get an ending to Maggie’s story, but not for him.  Which would have been fine … if the audience wasn’t so invested in both points of view already.  It doesn’t quiet pull the rug out from under you like Inception, but it’s pretty close.  Check out Maggie if you’re in a quiet zombie mood, but be ready for the ending.

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