On October 6th, someone with a conceal permit shot an escaping shoplifter near a Home Depot in Oregon.  The police, and a large part of the community, seemed to be persecuting the woman, saying that a conceal permit was to protect you and others around you from immediate harm.  Period.

Recently, in an unrelated incident, two people with conceal permits stopped an escaping suspect by holding him an gunpoint until the police arrived.  The police applauded his efforts and said they couldn’t have appended the person–charged with passing bogus checks–without the “community’s help.”

Putting aside the topic of conceal permits–or gun control in general–I find it interesting that similar incidents are being treated very differently.  I wonder if the latter example would have applauded the community if that suspect had been shot too?  Seems like it very easily could have gone that way.

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