Sorry I haven’t posted anything about this sooner, but–as many of you no doubt surmised–there has been a significant delay with Space Pulp Vol 2.  After getting some invaluable feedback from a handful of readers, I decided that the story isn’t meeting the expectations established by the first book.  Rather than release something that’s sub-par, I’ve decided to take the hit and delay it until I get the story where it needs to be.  It’s not a decision I take lightly.  No delay ever is.  But even though a delay may cause a few months of frustration, a bad story is out there forever.

In the meantime, I should have the next volume of Superheroes in Prose to editing in two weeks. I’m not close enough to set a firm release date yet, but I imagine it will hit the Amazon store by the end of February.

As always, thanks for the support. I’ll keep you posted.