Say what you want about James Cameron’s first two Terminator flicks, but there’s no denying they had a personality.  They were visceral.  Dark.  Clever in their efficient use of action and exposition. And somehow still managed to remain fun.  I went into TG hoping that it would deliver something that was, if not on the same level, at least something approximate.

But from the jump, it’s obvious that TG is a bland take on the same world.  The CGI really overshot itself, often breaking you out of the action instead of pulling you deeper in.  Reese looks like he’s been living at Gold’s Gym instead of in a war-torn hole.   And a lot of the exposition scenes did their job, but they really didn’t do much more. Which doesn’t make them very interesting.

I could go on … but the point is this: the movie really looks like run of the mill science fiction.  It’s not bad.  Just “meh.” And as many people that have had a hand in the franchise at this point, it really makes me wonder if anybody but Cameron himself can successfully deliver something interesting from this world.

Check out TG if you have couple of hours to kill on an okay science fiction film.  But don’t go into it expecting it to have the same sort of personality as Cameron’s movies. Or, really, much of a personality at all.