8007I’ve seen most of the original series, but it was probably around twenty years ago.  Recently, I decided to give them another run through, figuring I would be looking at them through an entirely different prism, both as a writer and–well–just the experience of life itself.

Holy shit was this a good series.

I mean, I realize I’m preaching to a choir here, but–seriously–this show was far better than it had any right to be, especially given the production schedule and resources they had to work with.  It often falls victim to the time period, with some laughable productional and emotional beats.  And for every step it made towards a positive portrayal of women, it took at least a half a step back.  But most of the scenes were really tight.  There was constant, organic conflict on the screen.  And there were a lot of really interesting themes explored that–as far as I know–still haven’t been repeated as well or at all.

If you’ve stayed away from this show for a while, for whatever reason, give it a shot.    If you’ve got any geek in you at all, you won’t be sorry.

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