First off, thanks.

Thanks for supporting the price increase. Thanks for supporting the series.   And thanks for being patient regarding this heads about its precise future.

Now, on with said heads up …

Because of the changes in Amazon’s kindle unlimited program, the series is making the same amount of money that it did BEFORE the price increase.  Ultimately, that will be okay because I’ve decided to up the page count to compensate and–well–because I simply have more story to tell in these volumes now.

After a quick page count, you’ll notice #13 is about twice the size of #1.  And I feel this is a comfortable size for the series to stay for a while. I know that I can release three more books before year’s end.  That means–even though the number of books per year isn’t increasing yet–I’ll still be releasing nearly twice the annual content.

Furthermore, I’m giving Superheroes in Prose a sizable push over the next year, in hopes of increasing awareness, sales, and–by extension–eventually arriving at a quicker release schedule.  The audiobooks will catch up with the book-books.  I’ll be at Heroescon in Charlotte this year, a few cons around Atlanta and Nashville (stay tuned) as well as LibertyCon in Chattanooga.  I’m not sure which cons I’ll have tables at, but at the very least you can find me roaming the show floor, eager to speak with readers and give away signed copies.

I’ll be posting new revisions of previous volumes, along with updated covers.  Check back here for regular updates, but I imagine around four volumes will be updated every week.  And don’t worry … I’m not about to George Lucas up everything, but there is an occasional typo that–in spite of multiple reads by multiple people–seems to creep by every now and then.  I used to get really frustrated by this, then I started noticing similar mistakes in books by large publishers.  (Which made me feel ultimately better in a very shallow kind of way.)  Since I’m not a publisher, I can afford to go back and fix this stuff and make it easily available to everybody that’s bought the book (Or rather, Amazon can make it readily available.  For more information, check out the bottom of this page.)

Last–but certainly not least–Michael Booth will be releasing the first book in a Superheroes in Prose spin-off series entitled Peerless … a book set at a Superhero high school in Prose, which includes all of the fun Superhero angst that comes along with it.  More to come on that in the near future, but it’s release will be around the same time as #13.

This next year is going to be exciting.  And scary.  And awesome.  But I’ll be providing complete transparency the entire time.  Because, even though I write these characters, you guys give them life.

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Superheroes in Prose #13: A Fabulous Anarchy, on sale March 1st!