I got really, really jazzed when I heard about Mulder and Scully’s return.  After the lackluster series finale and the equally lackluster second movie, I was ready to loose myself in some OG X-Files fun.

Man what a bummer.

It wasn’t that the return was bad … it just wasn’t especially good.  These episodes would have been fine in a longer season. But these six episodes–including Mulder taking mushrooms, an inexplicable villain escaping comeuppance, and the tangled alien plot stuff–isn’t really the what I’m looking for.  The were-creature episode was good, but why not have something more in line with Ice, Home, or Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose?

Check out this season if you’re an X-Files fan. If not, check out the first movie or the original stuff on Netflix because this doesn’t do it justice.

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