Check out Superheroes in Prose’s spin-off series: Peerless #1 by Michael Booth.  On sale now!  And check back here next week for an excerpt.

Peerless 1 Cover
Evan Underwood had it all planned out. College, picket fences, two-point-five kids. A normal life. Then, he got sent to the Aquarium, Prose’s new high school for kids with Superpowers.

Vignette figured her best days were behind her. Then, she got the top job at the Aquarium. She wants to make the most of her second chance, but Evan Underwood and his mysterious, dangerous powers threaten the students, the school, and her new job.

Can Vignette uncover Evan’s secrets before it’s too late? Can he be convinced the Aquarium is where he needs to be?

Or will Evan Underwood remain Peerless?

On sale now!

Attractive UFO woman
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