I came. I saw. I wondered.

I held off on the Logan review because I wanted some time to reflect on the flick.  With Wonder Woman, I was just too busy working.  But here it is.  And, man, was it awesome (the movie, not this review).

Spoilers ahead.

There’s a lot of really good stuff to talk about with this film.  But what I found most impressive was the flip at the end, specifically during Diana’s crisis.  In the movie, we’re told that Zeus created women to appeal to man’s softer side.  To give him a reason NOT to engage in war all the time.  To simply love instead.

And then, near the end of the film, when Wonder Woman is at her most dangerous, when she’s trembling along a very violent edge of her personality, Trevor–man–gives a her a reason to continue: love.

It’s the best kind of crisis resolution a storyteller can hope to achieve: one that brings the rest of the plot into focus, one that somehow manages to come out of nowhere and yet be perfectly obvious.

What a great film.

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