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I’ve always dug Peter David’s work, and the Apropos books are some of his best. This one is no exception … it’s a great and fitting addition to the series.  If you haven’t had a chance to read the other books yet, I envy you for what’s in store.  Check’em out.

Superheroes in Prose #15 on sale in June!



If you missed the boat on Rick Remender’s Fear Agent, there are two beautiful hardbacks encompassing the entire run. This series is the best kind of pulpy sci-fi: the kind that has tons of heart.


I recently finished The Further Adventures of The Joker, edited by Martin H. Greenburg.  In the past, I tended to stay away from short story collections, thinking that I just didn’t want to handle the constant rolling of the dice.  Sure, you might read one story and really dig it.  But the one right behind it may be a total stinker.  I since realized that was a very dumb thing to do, and I had to be missing out on some gems.   And because I’m the type of guy that tries to avoid doing dumb things, I decided to read The Further Adventures of the Joker.

The book came out right on the heels of the first Tim Burton Batman movie, and you still see a lot of Silver Age influence.  Not that this is a bad thing … as anybody who’s read my work can attest, I enjoy me some campy every now and then.  What did stand out to me about this book was how mature most of the stories were, especially given the time it was released.  I know, I know … Dark Knight Returns and Watchmen had already established a mature ground for this genre, but still–you just didn’t see it much.

I’m not saying everything in this book is great.  Far from it.  But there’s enough good here that–if you’re a Batman fan–you owe to yourself to check it out.


Space Pulp #2: Menace of the Space Zombies out now!



I picked up this book at HeroesCon after attending a panel by some of the authors.  If you’re interested by the nuances of Star Wars, the ideas of Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell, or would just enjoy thinking about the ideas of Star Wars through a super-interesting and thought-proving psychological lens, definitely check this book out. It would be easily at home in a college classroom, a geek’s bookshelf, or a self-help section at Barns and Noble.

Space Pulp #2: Menace of the Space Zombies on sale September 30th!

Sorry I haven’t posted anything about this sooner, but–as many of you no doubt surmised–there has been a significant delay with Space Pulp Vol 2.  After getting some invaluable feedback from a handful of readers, I decided that the story isn’t meeting the expectations established by the first book.  Rather than release something that’s sub-par, I’ve decided to take the hit and delay it until I get the story where it needs to be.  It’s not a decision I take lightly.  No delay ever is.  But even though a delay may cause a few months of frustration, a bad story is out there forever.

In the meantime, I should have the next volume of Superheroes in Prose to editing in two weeks. I’m not close enough to set a firm release date yet, but I imagine it will hit the Amazon store by the end of February.

As always, thanks for the support. I’ll keep you posted.


My new book, Space Pulp! just went live on the kindle store.

Space Pulp cover final

Superheroes in Prose volume 11 will probably be one more week.  As always, check back for more updates.


Volume 10 of Superheroes in Prose is now available in the kindle store!