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The new dude playing Spider-Man admits to never having seen the original Star Wars trilogy.  For some reason, that makes me feel really freaking old.

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Hard to believe he’s gone. His energetic performances trasncended film and worked their way into pop-culture lexicon.  My heart goes out to his family.

If you haven’t heard about his recent health problems, here is a link to a post from his wife, Kathleen.

I know this is probably for his upcoming role as Gordan but–whenever I see it–I can’t help but think J. Jonah Jameson is getting ready to put the beat down on the wall-crawler …


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Ian McShane recently let loose a spoiler regarding his character’s role in the upcoming Game of Thrones season.  When faced with fan backlash, he told people to “get a life.” It’s just “tits and dragons.”

Regardless of which side of the fence you’re on about the last comment, it’s hard to deny how freaking hilarious it is.  Or how absolutely Al Swearengen it feels.

Attractive UFO woman
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Neil deGrasse Tyson was recently asked which ship would win in a battle: the Enterprise or the Falcon.  “The Enterprise would wipe its ass with the Falcon,” he states, and then proceeds to tell everyone why.
What I find interesting is the ultimate qualifier missing from this question: Is Wesley Crusher on board?  Cause if he is, Han and Chewie really don’t have to do anything … other than wait for whatever ill-conceived experiment the kid is conducting to run its course.  Then–boom–the Enterprise is history.
And probably all of space and time.

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This is a pic of a protest against a person spying on Germany for the U.S.  If the similarities are intentional, I gotta say it’s awesome.  If this is just some lose in translation thing … even awesome-r.

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