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If you missed the boat on Rick Remender’s Fear Agent, there are two beautiful hardbacks encompassing the entire run. This series is the best kind of pulpy sci-fi: the kind that has tons of heart.


Collar bling by Peter Parker.


I finally picked up a G1 Ironhide at Atlantacomicon last weekend.  Since I’m from the South, I can’t believe it took me this long to pick up–what is apparently–the one redneck from Cybertron.

Superheroes in Prose #11: The Princess of Atlantis, on sale winter 2015

I picked up a Millennium Falcon model at the local unclaimed baggage place recently.  It was already opened, so I knew it may have been missing pieces, but–honestly–it was priced so low I figured it worth the risk.  Plus, I thought … hey, the real Millennium Falcon is missing pieces too.

Then I was politely reminded there is no such thing as a “real” Millennium Falcon.

Superheroes in Prose Volume 11: The Princess of Atlantis, on sale winter 2015

Even in a market that’s positively flooded with Princess Leia and the gold bikini merch, this one comes as a very welcome addition.