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Star Trek: Next Gen fans owe it to themselves to check out Orville.  It pays respect to Rodenberry’s vision without kicking it in the crotch.





SHIELD ended its latest season, not with one bang–but with several.  Ghost Rider’s bad assery came second only to Coulson’s.  The Ada comeuppance was equally satisfying and unsettling (plus apparently didn’t come cheap).  And most of the characters have a lot of interesting baggage to carry them into the next season.

The only thing left by the wayside was Radcliffe  His selflessness at the end–his repeated selflessness–wasn’t acknowledged by anybody.  I know that dude did some bad things, but I think he deserved at least the tiniest shout-out by Daisy and/or Yo-Yo.

Even being a raging Whedon fan, this show continues to surpass my expectations.  I can’t wait to see where the next season goes.

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As with many shows, I was seriously living under a rock with this one.  A rock with a house on top of it … and a felled tree on top of that.

I dig Westerns.  I dig The Matrix.  And I dig Jurassic Park.  A show that seemed to combine all three was a no-brainer for a geek like me.  (I learned later it was less The Matrix and a little more Asimov … with maybe some Skynet thrown in.)

If it hadn’t been for the positive buzz this show gained in the past few months, I honestly would have passed after seeing the first three episodes.  I got what it was trying to communicate, I got how it was trying to do it … I just wasn’t into it.  Specific moments felt way too Groundhog Day-ish, and–honestly–padded out the show with a lot of fat.  Still I carried on because the finale had been described by a large part of the online community as better than good.  Dope even.

The finale telegraphed the turns, slightly before they happened. Which is good. Ideally, you want an audience to figure things out right before the characters do.  But the last turn–and ultimately the most important–could have been achieved easily with a two hour build-up instead of an entire season.  The destination just wasn’t worth the ride.


Warning … spoilers ahead.  In fact, one could say those wanting to avoid spoilers have “no sanctuary.”

Get it?

Ahem … anyway, finally got a chance to watch this last night.  The best word I can use to surmise the episode is this: Exhausting.   Each scene escalates the tension from the one before.  And when the good guys finally get a chance to breathe, you breathe with them.

Usually the kind of slow roll stuff in this episode bothers the ever-loving crap out of me.  But I felt like it was just enough to be interesting, without going into full-on annoying.  Also, and maybe just because I didn’t give it a lot of thought, it surprised me that we eventually had two deaths instead of one.  Which is good.  A story SHOULD surprise you.  And then it surprises you again near the end when we know–because of all the “crap” that’s happened in the “crap day”–that Carl was about to lose a hand, and doesn’t.

As for Dean’s take on Negan.  What can I say? It’s awesome.  He delivers an engaging performance and manages to make me both utterly despise his character, yet I still can’t wait to see more.  For a villain, I can’t think of higher praise.

As for the deaths themselves … I don’t know.  The episode seems to be very polarizing.  Then again, good art often is.


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Ian McShane recently let loose a spoiler regarding his character’s role in the upcoming Game of Thrones season.  When faced with fan backlash, he told people to “get a life.” It’s just “tits and dragons.”

Regardless of which side of the fence you’re on about the last comment, it’s hard to deny how freaking hilarious it is.  Or how absolutely Al Swearengen it feels.

Attractive UFO woman
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If Marjorie ever needs another brother on Game of Thrones, I hope Dr. Cooper is at the top of HBO’s list.  The resemblance is–what the X-Men would call–uncanny.

Attractive UFO woman
Superheroes in Prose #13:  A Fabulous Anarchy on sale now!