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Spider-Man Homecoming was a fun film about a superhero next door.  It really did hit all of the right buttons for a Spider-Man story, and I can’t imagine anybody who likes the character not liking the film.

Some of the supporting characters had an ethnic change.  Some for good reasons.  Others seemed arbitrary.  Time will tell if there’s anything specific in mind.  Though I imagine the more we see of these characters, the more they’ll deviate from their original counterparts since so much of a character’s identity hinges on race.  It leaves me wondering why not just create new characters instead?

Holland was a wonderful Spider-Man and an even better Peter Parker.  Keaton rocked as a villain.  Like Guardians of the Galaxy, you’ll walk away from the film with a big ol’ grin on your face.

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The new dude playing Spider-Man admits to never having seen the original Star Wars trilogy.  For some reason, that makes me feel really freaking old.

Superheroes in Prose #15 on sale in June!

I know this is probably for his upcoming role as Gordan but–whenever I see it–I can’t help but think J. Jonah Jameson is getting ready to put the beat down on the wall-crawler …


Superheroes in Prose #15 on sale June 29th!

Collar bling by Peter Parker.

It’s taking me way longer to go through this thing than I thought.  But here we go with PPSS # 58.

Page 3: A cop on a guard duty says, “A lot of mugs would like to get their hands on what we’re nurse maidin’.” I don’t know if I can use “nurse maidin’ in a similar context tomorrow.  But I’m damn sure gonna try.

Page 5: Intro for the Ringer–a villain that turns city pollution into physical rings that he can attack/trap people with.  I’ve never heard of this guy–very interesting.  It may be cooler to turn him into a hero someday.  Can you imagine? A hero’s powers that only work with pollution?  The ups and downs of that story write itself.

Page 10: Spider-Man laughs after hearing the Ringer’s name (apparently he doesn’t think the villain is as cool as I do).

Last page: Peter gets to have another happy ending for a change.  A fun read, probably the best in the omnibus so far.

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Finally getting back to the Roger Stern Omnibus commentary.  This time, I dive into PPSS 54: “To Save the Smuggler”

Page 1: A shootout on the street causes Spidey to make a passing reference to Police Surgeon (a TV show way before my time … I had to look it up to see what it was).

Page 2: Spidey rips one of those annoying temporary steel plate things from the road … something I wanna do every time I drive over one of the damn things.

Page 3: A bad guy says, “Why don’t we just ice him now?”  I wish bad guys still talked like that.  It would be awesome.

Page 4: A bystander that’s a little too close to gunfire says, “Oh, my golly.” I’m glad people no longer talk like that.

Page 9: A reference to what’s going on currently in Amazing Spidey.  It’d be cool to see stuff like that again.

Page 13:  Spidey takes the time to web a guy’s mouth to keep him from talking.  Turns out later the guy is a mute.  An awesome gag by Stern.

Page 14: Spidey turns a guy’s head to a 90 degree angle when he punches him.  How he’s still alive, I’ll never know.

Last page: Just when it looks like the story will end with the usual bad Parker luck, Spidey turns the situation around.  A neat way to turn the formula on its ear.

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Cindy gave me one of the best-est Christmas presents ever this year: Roger Stern’s Spider-Man Omnibus.  I read a lot of these issues as a kid, and I thought it would be cool to revisit them … and a little cooler to give a running commentary on the experience.

Beginning with the first issues in the Omnibus: Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #43 …


Pg 1: The name of the story is awesome, I don’t care what year you’re in: Pretty Poison (and the “i” is a beaker).

Pg 2: Peter Parker’s hair has a Superman curl.  How long did he have a Superman curl?

Pg 3: Thug uses the sentence “What the devil?!”  It’s my goal today to use that sentence–somehow, someway.

Pg 4: Peter tosses a spider-tracer onto a thug’s ankle, instead of firing it from a web-shooter.  That is geek-ily interesting.

Pg 6: The villain introduces herself: Madam Belladonna.  I dig the name, but it kinda feels like a villain for the Shadow.

Pg 9: Spidey rescues another ingrate.

Pg 11: Peter creates an antidote to Belladonna’s poison: vinegar.  I don’t know if the science behind any of this is accurate, and–really–I’m afraid to look it up.  Anytime something like this proves false, it’s kind of like finding out there is no Santa Clause all over again.

Pg 12: Belladonna reappears, smoking through a cigarette holder.  What an entrance.

Pg 13: The vinegar doesn’t seem to be doing its job. Spidey makes a web-mask.  Man, that thing would have to be an absolute pain in the ass to breathe through …

Last page: Spidey saves the day, but Bella gets away.  In true Peter Parker fashion, our hero spends the last panel kicking himself right in the crotch of guilt.

Fun read.  I’m SO looking forward to the rest of the book.

Superheroes in Prose Volume 11: The Princess of Atlantis, on sale Winter 2015