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Kat Mandu of One Book Two recently posted a review!  (Take that, Dr. Seuss.)  You can check out her review for Superheroes in Prose here.

Superheroes in Prose #15 coming in June!

You know what’s a hard word to spell … “Pharaoh.”  It’s almost as tricky as “phlegm.”

Anyway, look for the next volume of Superheroes in Prose around late spring/early summer.  And look for it to include a villain named Pharaoh … because that’s the only way I’ll learn to spell this freaking word.

Now, maybe I can come up with a villain idea for “phlegm” …


Superheroes in Prose Vol 14: The Wrath of Maul is for sale on Amazon now!

Attractive UFO woman

Narrator Bryan Reid once again lends his awesomeness to Superheroes in Prose.  Check out the 4th audiobook, on sale at now!

playstation-tv-showI finally got around to checking out Powers’ first couple of episodes.  Bendis wasn’t the first writer to deconstruct what kind of real impact super powers would have on a person’s life, but he certainly had one of the most interesting takes.  All of the comic’s fun and thought-provoking stuff made its way over … but I wish the look of the show had a little more personality.  It’s not that what you’re seeing on screen is bad … it’s just a tad bland.  Fortunately the writing and performances carry everything well enough that I still wanna stick around.

Attractive UFO woman
Superheroes in Prose #13: A Fabulous Anarchy, on sale now!

If you’ve been on the fence about a trying the Superheroes in Prose audiobook, here are a few free download codes for the first volume on audible’s site.  They’re only good for use each, so hustle!



Attractive UFO woman
Superheroes in Prose #13: A Fabulous Anarchy, on sale March 1st!


Bryan Reid just put the finishing touches on the audiobook for Superheroes in Prose #3: Paradigm.  It’s being approved by the powers that be at audible, but I imagine we’ll see it go live in their store around a month or so.   #4 should be soon after that.

For those of you unfamiliar with Bryan’s work, calling him narrator doesn’t do the guy justice.  He’s a performer, straight up.  His interpretation of Gabe is awesome.  His M is spectacular.  And the overall energy he brings to the work is nothing short of Super. (See what I did there?)

Check out his body of work, including the first two volumes of Prose, here.


Attractive UFO woman
Superheroes in Prose #13: A Fabulous Anarchy, on sale March 1st!